GPRime Community Site - Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Welcome to the GPRime Community Site

GPRime had its genesis from a small GPET Innovations Grant in 2004 to document learning planning and assessment activities which in turn gave the impetus for developing GPRime as an on-line learning management system. Since its initial development, other RTPs have adapted GPRime to suit their own needs and developed a range of additional enhancements. As a result, a GPRime Users Community (GPUC) whose membership is drawn from existing and potential users has been formed. The GPUC is a collaboration to exchange information on GPRime, consider further enhancements and develop strategies for promotion and adaptation of GPRime to a wider audience.

If you are interested in testing GPRime and/or exploring the many innovations our various RTPs have commissioned, please register with us. You will receive your own account that will allow you to trial the demonstration version of GPRime as well as provide you with access to the innovations, joint projects and future development concepts posted up by the current GPRime RTPs.

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