GP Registrar Information Management System

GPRime is an on-line learning platform that is designed to promote and reinforce self-directed learning, enabling all AGPT education and training requirements to be managed electronically. These include the Registrar learning plan; Registrar learning portfolio; and ECTV, TA and GP Supervisor reports.

1   Registrar Learning Plan 2   Registrar Portfolio 3   ECTV, TA & Supervisor Reports

About GPRime

A strong underlying foundation of GP training is self-directed learning. Self-directed learning is a process to be instilled for life-long learning and is therefore an important goal for GP training. A systematic approach to self-directed learning doesn’t just happen. It is a process which needs to be promoted and reinforced through training program procedures and learning resources.

GPRime had its genesis from a small GPET Innovations Grant in 2004 to document learning planning and assessment activities which in turn gave the impetus for developing GPRime as an on-line learning management system. Since its initial development, other RTPs have adapted GPRime to suit their own needs and developed a range of additional enhancements.

GPRime Partners

The core GPRime system (and derivatives of it) is used by the following organisations.

Adelaide to Outback Victorian Metropolitan Alliance Bogong
GP Synergy Coast City Country Traing Wentwest
General Practice Training Tasmania Southern GP Training Queensland Rural Medical Education
Peninsula Health Latrobe Regional Hospital

More Information

Supporting the GPRime system are JAM Web Services. For those that require clarification on any technical information on GPRime and its associated Licence Agreement, please contact:

Mark Rapley - Director
JAM Web Services
Suite 107/1 Queens Road
Melbourne, Victoria, 3004
Telephone: +61 3 9863 7533